5-7 Major St, Coogee

Engineer: Monteith Consulting
Client: Clisdells Strata Management
Completed: March 2014

What we did

This traditional 1960s four-storey block of residential units on Coogee’s beautiful coastline was constructed with bricks and supporting steel lintels and ties. With its southern and eastern sides facing directly out to sea, exposure over time had caused distress to a large proportion of the bricks and lintels and had required replacement.

An eastern facing balcony, too, was showing signs of corrosion, which required an old hob and balustrade to be removed and a new one installed.

The bricks available were no longer able to match the remaining original type but a similar textured brick was sourced and re-tinted using an approved brick dying stain. Air bricks were also placed at the tops of the screen walls to encourage ventilation of the cavities.