All in a day's work at MAX Build

Featured, here, are some of the typical problems we encounter and are hired to fix. We recommend that if you see anything like this you follow our Next Steps guide outlined below.

Next steps

  • Engage a professional. All aging buildings have their problems. MAX Build is a firm believer in residents engaging the services of an engineer or building consultant, who can execute a scope of works document. Please contact us for recommendations of trusted consultants.
  • The consultant will typically invite building companies to tender on the project.
  • A contract will be drawn up and issued from either the winning builder or the consulting firm.
  • Works over $20,000 will require Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) insurance and proof of the building’s ability to fund the project
  • Payment terms are as per the contract: often a 10 percent deposit is requested, and progress payments made at agreed intervals. Some contracts include a retention component, released in two stages: upon practical completion and the final tranche at the completion of a defects period.
  • Builders are legally required to warranty their work for six years