The process.

Before the contract has been signed, your Consultant produced a thorough Scope Of Works document listing what needs to be done and how to remedy. We follow this S.O.W. to the letter.

MAX Build prepares a detailed program of works and a dilapidation report. The latter is a comprehensive photo record of the building before commencement.

We begin works and at agreed intervals (monthly) submit an invoice claiming a percentage of the contract.

Your Consultant inspects and reviews our stated progress and, once they have agreed, recommends payment of the invoice. 

When the process varies.

Despite a detailed S.O.W. and our in-depth remedial knowledge, we can't always know the extent of damage until the layers are peeled back. The following variation sometimes occurs:   

  1. The Foreman makes a discovery that is not in the scope or makes the scope irrelevant. They inform the Project Manager.  
  2. The Consultant is alerted by us, reviews the issue and produces a report or revised scope. Sometimes before this can happen additional expertise is required.
  3. MAX Build raises a variation quotation and submits to the Consultant. 
  4. Upon the Consultant's approval, they advise the Owners on whether to proceed with the variation. 

It is important that the due processes are followed for your protection.