Week commencing 4 December

  • Finalized removal of lower Campbell St scaffolding and last section of hoarding.
  • Continued with roof deck boards installation.
  • Completed roof deck stair and western fence framing.
  • Poured 3 plinths for roof deck stair frame.
  • Electrician roughed-in for roof area new lighting.
  • Bricked up and render patched existing roof parapet wall light recesses, repaired bandage.

In the week ahead

  • Commence pool tiling.
  • Torch on membrane to roof deck stair plinths.
  • Commence roof pavement installation.
  • Skim coat to roof parapet walls and fire stair walls.
  • Complete roof deck boards installation, commence on stairs and pool apron.
  • Strip last remaining area of led paint above car park entry.
  • Commence render repairs and skimming on lower Campbell St ground floor facade.