Week commencing 03 July

  • Completed tiling works.
  • Completed installation of unit 1's courtyard wall.
  • Continue with installation of expansion joints.
  • Completed block work to planter box.
  • Completed capping tile installation.
  • Started crack stitching works.
  • Clean site to keep surrounding neat and tidy.

In the week ahead

  • Infill block wall for planter box and post box with concrete.
  • Complete all brick works.
  • Complete tiling to all entranceways, courtyards, pathway and steps.
  • Continue with expansion joints.
  • Start render works on new hob at entrance.
  • Start render works on block wall for new planter box and post box.
  • Install angle down the side of unit 1 and hydro epoxy slab and angle.
  • Detailed clean up in courtyards and entrance ways.
  • Clean Site.