Week commencing 05 June

  • Wet weather delays for 3 days.
  • Completed Sikaflex sealant installation at LVL2 tile expansion joints and skirting tiles.
  • Installed Sikaflex joints at unit 809 tiling.
  • Completed fence light installation and re-connection at Roof Top, commenced on LVL2.
  • Removed materials, furniture and tools etc from site office, car park and smoko room (only store room remains).
  • Installed last fence gate at unit 809 Roof Top Terrace.
  • Continued with defect repairs.

In the week ahead

  • Complete fence light installation and re-connection on LVL2.
  • Re-instate last left out fence panels used for access between courtyards, seal joints with Sikaflex.
  • Brick cleaner to pressure wash LVL2 face bricks where flashing replacement took place.
  • Strip stair scaffold at Western facade between GF - LVL2 (Friday or Monday).
  • Install new fire door at residential car park entry side door way.
  • Clean out store room and remove fencing/wall panels.