Week commencing 4 October 

  • Pressure washed and primed Level 2 ready for torch-on application 

  • Detailed roof terrace perimeter upturns 

  • Stripped Aluminium scaffold Stage 2 and installed Stage 3 

  • Installation of Swing Stage 15 & 16 delayed due to access issues 

  • Started marking and breaking out render patches and balcony soffit corrosion at Aluminium Stage 3 

  • Poured new concrete plinth for Roof Terrace BBQ

  • Prepared formwork and reinforcement for fence plinths

  • Unit 707 and 810 balcony tiles and screed demolished, old membrane ground back to concrete substrate 

In the week ahead

  • Commence torch-on application on Level 2 Northern and Western courtyards 

  • Survey the Reduced Levels of the roof terrace 

  • Start pouring new concrete plinths for Roof Terrace and Level 2 fence posts 

  • Brick up and render unit 809 upper level corner where flashing has been repaired 

  • Organize and book dates for concrete screed pump, tiling works, electrical works, materials, etc. for tiling and fencing works 

  • Break out render patches and balcony soffit corrosion spots at Aluminium Stage 3 and prepare for render works

  • Change pergola fixing to stainless steel at Unit 810 and 811

   **  Please click for Mud Map of stages