Week commencing 31 October 

  • Continue render and corrosion spot remediation at Stages 15 & 16

  • Completed painting at Aluminium Stage 3 and Unit 807 balcony 

  • Completed marking out, document and break out to balcony soffits at Stage 16

  • Completed Level 2 perimeter detail with bandage and torch-on application to fence plinths at Roof Top and Level 2

  • Set out heights for tile screed at Roof Top

  • Loaded out plastic slip joint and screed reinforcement mesh 

  • Organised inspections and quotes for remaining Megasealed bathroom works

  • Water tested Level 2 North and West courtyards

  • Surveyed Level 2 North and West podium slabs for heights to prepare for tiling works

  • Electrician completed Roof Top fence lighting cabling works 

In the week ahead

  • Deliver and set up concrete pump Roof Top

  • Commence screeding on Roof Top

  • Set out for screed height for Level 2 East podium slab 

  • Continue bathroom inspections and quotes from Megasealed

  • Electrician to start fence light cabling works on Level 2 East podium slab

  • Complete render patching and corrosion spot remediation for Stages 15 & 16

   **  Please click for Mud Map of stages