Week commencing 09 January

  • Finalised Stage 17 installation and commenced marking out render patches and corrosion spots
  • Completed fence installation on Roof Terrace (except for doors) and commenced at LVL2 courtyards
  • Prepared (cleaned) expansion joints for Sikaflex sealant installation at Roof Top and LVL2 tiling
  • Completed render repairs at unit 802 balconies and skim coated (Granocyte texture) Western blade wall and unit 809 upper balcony walls
  • Completed repair works to balustrade wall at hoist catwalk section (above unit 802)
  • Loaded out all fencing materials to LVL2
  • Cleaned Roof Top and unit 201 & 202 courtyards on LVL2 of all rubbish and moved materials ready for water proofing preparation works
  • Removed unit 210 and 202 sliding doors, broke out defective hobs and re-built with high strength concrete (Parchem LA55)
  • Completed unit 810 lower balcony concrete slab preparation ready for new water proofing membrane

In the week ahead:

  • Strip Aluminium Stage 4 and install Aluminium Stage 5
  • Mark and brake out render patches and corrosion spots on Aluminium Stage 5
  • Brake out all render patches and corrosion spots on Stage 17, commence repair works
  • Paint unit 802 balconies and Western blade wall, complete LVL2 courtyards up to unit 202 courtyard and Roof Terrace
  • Strip steel 'catwalk' scaffold at unit 802 balcony and from Western blade wall
  • Commence preparation works at unit 201 and 202 courtyards for new torch-on membrane
  • Water proof unit 707 and 810 balconies, and also the narrow concrete awning above units 101-103
  • Abseilers to commence painting remaining areas on Western, Northern and Eastern facade