Week commencing 8 August

  • Waterproofers commenced pressure washing, priming and torch-on application on Level 2 Eastern courtyards - 50% completed

  • Commenced aluminium angles installation on new door hobs, also continued preparation and pouring new hobs on Northern courtyards

  • Rendering works completed on Stage 10, started on Stage 11

  • Render patches marked, measured and broken out ready for patching on Aluminium Stage 2 

  • Swing stage 8 & 9 stripped

  • Painting completed on Stage 9 walls and windows cleaned

  • Unit 205 Western bedroom sliding doors removed

  • Level 2 cavity flashing works completed

  • Rooftop paving and screed demolition works - 75% completed

In the week ahead

  • Rendering works to Stage 11 and Aluminium Stage 2 render patching and related balconies corrosion spot remediation works.

  • Install Stage 12 & 13

  • Waterproofing works to be completed in Level 2 eastern courtyards torch-on membrane and door hob detailing 

  • Complete installing aluminium termination angles  on new door hobs at Eastern courtyard

  • Complete rooftop demolition works 

  • Continue to prepare and pour new door hobs at Northern and Western courtyards

  • Continue taking out sliding doors at Units 202, 203, and 204

  • Complete re-commissioning air conditioning at Level 2 Units

   **  Please click for Mud Map of stages