Week commencing 17 April

  • Continue installation of dividing walls
  • Continue installation of electrical cables for lighting to archways and above unit number's
  • Waterproof around new down pipes
  • Start finding falls to podium slab and courtyards for drainage
  • Continue with cutting out of slab for puddle flange
  • Load out brick deliveries to allocated spots for bricklayers
  • Detail entrance ways of units for waterproofing
  • Continue patching up spalling repairs
  • Start patching up spalling repairs to unit 1's garage
  • Remove step as base of kitchen door to units 3 and 4 

In the week ahead

  • Continue installation of dividing brick walls
  • Continue with installation of form work for topping
  • Continue installation of toping/screed
  • Continue with filling spalling repairs with HB40
  • Clean site