Week commencing 24 April

  • Continued installation of dividing brick walls
  • Continued with installation of form work for topping
  • Continued installation of topping/screed
  • Continued with filling spalling repairs with HB40

In the week ahead

  • Complete screed/topping installation
  • Install Ardex WMP 300 to screed/topping
  • Remove all timber form work for drainage levels
  • Complete installation of dividing walls (except for the end of unit 1's as this is a variation)
  • Start removal of by fold doors and re-instate once waterproofing is completed
  • Complete waterproofing and installation of angle beneath doors
  • Complete spalling and HB40 works in unit 1's garage
  • Re-install unit 1's garage door
  • Complete excavation works and step removal at entrance way
  • Complete spalling/HB40 works to main garage area
  • Clean site