Week commencing 08 May

  • Complete screeding.
  • Complete installation of Ardex WPM 300 to screed.
  • Continue with waterproofing.
  • Continue with HB40 works to units garage and main garage area.
  • Start bricking up wall at entrance.
  • Start forming slab and stairs at entrance.
  • Possibly pour concrete slab.
  • Drill holes for conduit in podium slab.
  • Form hob around conduit and pour.

In the week ahead

  • Start waterproofing podium slab, entrance ways and courtyards.
  • Complete brick work on driveway wall.
  • Brick work to base of the slab in unit 1 for new slab to go on top inside.
  • Start forming new slab and stairs at entrance way(weather dependant).
  • Continue with HB40 works to garage area and individual garage areas.
  • Water test for those done with waterproofing.