Week commencing 20 March

  • Installed new balustrade glass panels at Unit 303 & 305
  • Install screed to missing section in Unit 201 courtyard  
  • Completed all remaining render patch works
  • Repaired LVL2 and Roof Top minor render defects 
  • Completed installation of new wall mounted light system
  • Commenced plinth repair at Unit 814 Roof Terrace
  • Conducted water test for Unit 208 study area leak
  • General clean-up on site and storage areas

In the week ahead

  • Finish tiling Unit 809 upper balcony
  • Install new set of doors to Unit 809 upper level living room
  • Install hydropoxy membrane and tile Unit 201 courtyard
  • Continue expansion joint installation at LVL2 and Roof Terrace tiling
  • Complete fence installation on Level 2 and Roof Terrace
  • Complete light installation on Level 2 and Roof Terrace fencing
  • Commence painting at ground floor Western facade and car park entry sections
  • Continue with defect repairs