Week commencing 27 June

  • Carpenters started with bearers and joists for Building A decking 
  • Top Coat to membrane completed (except under scaffolding)
  • Building B blueboards repair commenced
  • Removed second side sliding door from Unit 21
  • Repaired all latent conditions, prepared hob, waterproofing and reinstalled window for terrace level

In the week ahead

  • Decking to continue - Building A 
  • Flood test membrane - Building A
  • Blue board repairs to continue - Building B 
  • Waterproofing, leveling and reglet for membrane termination to continue - Terrace Units 21 & 30
  • Membrane deck of terrace to commence beyond just hobs under windows - Terrace Units 21 & 30 
  • Remove third sliding door from Unit 30 along with fixed window and louvre window, repair all latent conditions, prepare hob, add angle, waterproof and reinstall window 
  • Glass works for frosted glass on Unit 5 patio