Week commencing 11 July

  • Leveling uneven slab on terrace completed 
  • Waterproofing terrace started
  • Waterproofing under Unit 30 door and re-installation of door completed
  •  Bearers and Joists works for Building A completed 
  • Electricians reinstalled conduit and cables along bearers and joists for previous lighting to be reinstalled 
  • Vandex storm water detention tank completed 
  • Building B blueboard repairs to continue 

In the week ahead

  • Waterproofing to be completed on terrace level 
  • Tiling to start and near completion on terrace level 
  • Decking started and will continue in Building A courtyard 
  • Another water stop installation at the end of Building A courtyard as requested 
  • Flood test storm water detention tank 
  • Consequential repairs to the interior of Unit 21 
  • Start pressure washing of glass block seals in Unit 46 and 45
  • Dilapidation photos to be taken of Building A