Week commencing 12 September 

  • Continued steel repairs to balconies 
  • Striped off form work from new hobs 
  • Rendered newly poured hobs 
  • Continued to pour new hobs and installation of reinforcement starter bars 
  • Repairs to balcony tops in 6 central balconies 
  • Continued grinding paint work on soffits 
  • Spalling repairs to any exposed steel 

In the week ahead

  • Continue with steel repairs to balconies 
  • Render hobs on balconies 64, 67, and 70
  • Repair balcony tops to central balconies 
  • Continue grinding paint off soffits
  • Continue with spalling repairs 
  • Check measure of newly rendered hob
  • Repair to face of balconies where required
  • Install spitters to balconies 64, 67, and 70