Week commencing 26 September 

  • Continued with steel repairs to balconies
  • Repair works on balcony tops to six central balconies
  • Continued grinding paint off the soffits
  • Continued with spalling repairs
  • Formwork started in the six central balconies hobs
  • Installation of starter bars 
  • Started finding level for toppings for balconies with hobs completed 

In the week ahead

  • Complete steel repairs to balcony 60 
  • Repair top to balcony 60 slab 
  • Continue grinding paint off soffit 
  • Continue with spalling repairs
  • Install starter bars from form up for new hobs on five of the central six balconies 
  • Installation of L bar reinforcement for slab face and hob ready to pour at the same time 
  • Find level for toppings on balconies 
  • Clean brickwork where old brick wall tied to unit