Week commencing 10 October  

  • Continued with installation of starter bars and form work 
  • Continued with spalling repairs 
  • Filled spalling repairs with HB 40 
  • Started installation of L bar reinforcement for slab face and hob ready to pour in one go 
  • Continued with cleaning brickwork 
  • Find levels for toppings on balconies 
  • Grinding of paints from soffits 
  • Started rendering soffits 
  • Completed repairs to balcony 60 slab 

In the week ahead

  • Form up and pour three remaining hobs in the central six balconies 
  • Start rendering soffits of the six central balconies 
  • Render the three hobs that were poured on Friday 
  • Find the levels for balcony toppings 
  • Start installation of the drip angle to soffits 
  • Clean all scaffolding
  • Clean bricks with brick acid and jet wash 
  • Clean saved bricks from any mortar