You, the owner.

Our presence will affect one of your primary financial assets, but we recognise it is also a place vested with emotion. To minimise disruptions, we are committed to keeping all stakeholders informed, providing enduring solutions, rigorously crosschecking budgets, and respecting your belongings.

Our employees.

In an industry plagued by high staff turnover we have shored up our business through our caring approach towards people. We believe in providing a safe work environment, training opportunities, mentoring and keeping everyone current. We feel it is also important to respect the needs of staff with family commitments. It is this maturity and flexibility that has fostered loyalty and an unstinting work ethic.

Engaging professionals.

It is tempting to renovate a space, but we believe it is critical to ensure that the building environment is in a healthy state of repair first, otherwise budget blowouts are more likely to arise.

All aging buildings have their problems. We believe in residents engaging an engineer or building consultant, who can execute a scope of works document. Please contact us for recommendations of trusted consultants.


As remedial and refurbishment specialists, we are industry leaders in up-cycling. However as builders we believe there’s more to be done to tread lightly on the planet and we are reviewing how to improve our environmental footprint.

MAX Build’s integrated strategy, based on AS/NSZS ISO14001 and regulations, includes the following objectives:

  • Conservation of resources
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Safe disposal of waste and hazardous materials
  • Compliance with council and Environment Protection Authority regulations
  • An holistic approach